10 Matters You Should Know about Seventh Day Adventists

10 Matters You Should Know About Seventh Day Adventists

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A whole lot of folks are not extremely acquainted with the beliefs of Seventh Day Adventists. It is a sect which is very related to what you’d uncover in conservative Christianity — They imagine in Creationism, oppose gay legal rights, and so forth.

But what helps make them distinctive?

— Jesus is coming again extremely quickly. Like not in our life span quickly… but like now quickly. The phrase they use is “imminent.” And only folks who relaxation on Saturday will be saved.

— Saturday is their holy day. Most Christians reserve Sunday as their holy day. But SDA’s are insistent that it can be Saturday. Screw those people heretics who disagree!

Keep in mind how God produced the universe in six times and rested on the seventh? Of course that was on Saturday.

— They really don’t imagine that you happen to be heading to Heaven when you die. The only way anyone’s heading to Heaven is when Jesus returns for the Next Coming.

What if you die right before that comes about? Then you just have to sit there unconscious in your grave until the day arrives. Which I listen to will be extremely quickly.

— Lousy folks really don’t go to Hell. No, it can be a lot even worse.

They are just heading to be permanently ruined. Mainly because God grants us everlasting life… so if you really don’t take God, you really don’t get the pleasure of burning in Hell forever.

When Jesus arrives again — which is quickly — God’s gonna dedicate the greatest act of genocide you’ve at any time observed.

Which also usually means they really don’t imagine in Hell. Mainly because no 1 could close up there.

— God’s heading to establish your faith via a procedure called Investigative Judgment. Fundamentally, until the time when Jesus arrives again — which is happening any instant now — God’s investigating your life to determine out your fate.

It is not plenty of that you imagine in him. You also have to stay a life in accordance with his guidelines. He is often judging you…

— They are well being nuts. Which is not particularly a poor thing.

They abstain from alcohol and tobacco… and coffee and soda… and unclean meat like pork.

Mainly because those people items defile your soul. Not poor thoughts… but the reasoning is terrible.

— Their prophet was a girl. Ellen G. White. So which is various. And form of amazing in a way.

But which is the only way she’s various. She saw visions in 1844 and the religion sprang from there. These visions arrived after she experienced a traumatic brain damage as a baby and was in a extended coma which many folks imagine led to epileptic seizures.

But I am positive that experienced very little to do with it.

— They consider the Catholic Church is the Whore of Babylon and the Pope is the Anti-Christ.

They consider considerably less of the Catholic Church than most atheists do!

— They consider masturbation is truly terrible. Like, truly terrible. Like John Harvey Kellogg was an Adventist who produced Corn Flakes due to the fact he hoped having them would avoid little ones from touching them selves.

— Dr. Ben Carson, 1 of the Republicans running for President, is a Seventh Day Adventist.

So he believes all this stuff.

I have to say, though, provided the other items I have read him say so much, these are probably some of the far more sensible beliefs he has.

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