10 Reasons Never-Trumpers Need To Just Get Over It

Yes, There Are Dozens – I’m Stopping At 10

I know this article is going to cause most Never-Trumpers to roll their eyes and start mumbling about principles and temperament, but someone has to take the initiative to state the obvious. I hope my message gets past the initial reaction of “not another one”. I am voting for Donald Trump for many reasons, but primarily I am casting my vote for him because I have 2 children, 4 grandchildren, and hopefully, God willing, I’ll be around to welcome my great-grandchildren into this world. I want these children to have the hope and opportunity that I enjoyed, and that is only going to be with President Trump, and his running mate, Mike Pence.

Just as easily as the Never Trumpers, I could say, “I am too principled to vote for a “less than religious’ individual who has held various positions in the past and is a bit of a wild card.” But I realize we can never have a perfect person running for president – and politics is, and always has been, the art of compromise and choosing the best options that are presented to us.

I know there are still many who disagree with me, but we can still love each other and be civil. I am sharing this because my husband and I will be voting for Donald Trump without reservation. Here are just the top 10 reasons why:

1.) He’s not Hillary Clinton

We know exactly who she is, what she is, what she stands for, and can pretty well guess what she will do to our country. We can’t risk her getting into office.

If you can’t vote for Trump, vote against Hillary. The only realistic way to do this is by voting for Trump, since he is the only candidate that has a chance against her.

2.) He might pass and protect pro-life laws

While we know for sure that Hillary will push the corrupt Planned Parenthood down our throats every chance she gets, and she will keep abortion-providing Obamacare in place, Trump is a bit of an unknown with the potential for being pro-life. That is, he claims to be pro-life, and it’s worth the leap of faith on this one. He has said, “Public funding of abortion providers is an insult to people of conscience at the least and an affront to good governance at best.”

3.) Voting for an imperfect man is not a sin.

I have studied philosophy since high school, while I may not be an expert in the field, I did study enough to recall that neither Aquinas, nor Aristotle or Locke ever said that the ruling sovereign must be a saint. I understand that lending someone your vote is a big deal, and it is preferable to have a candidate you really believe in. Many people do believe in Trump, and so this might not be an issue for you. But if you still have reservations, I would ask you to continue reading.

4.) Voting for a third-party in this presidential election = a vote for Hillary Clinton

Recent polls have shown Trump ahead by a couple points. He has a chance in this election, so every vote counts. I’m sympathetic to the ideals of third-party candidates, Libertarians, and Independents. It’s a democracy, anyone should be able to win. We have a rigged system right now, which only allows Republicans or Democrats to realistically win. However, the way to further these other parties is in local elections, and ongoing campaigns. Fuel the fire during the off-season, not during the presidential race! Be realists, not idealists. We have to work with what we have.

5.) There will likely be several Supreme Court spots opening up.

The president is in charge of appointing the Supreme Court justices. With Hilary, we know the type of person she would nominate. With Trump, we might have a chance of replacing Scalia’s seat with another Catholic. Also, there are rumors about Justice Thomas retiring this year. Ginsburg is already 83, and Kennedy will be turning 80. Breyer is 77. The record age for a Supreme Court Justice was 90; the average being closer to 80. We’ll probably be looking at a few new Justices this term and the next. Lastly, don’t forget there is already discussion that Hillary could appoint Obama as a judge.

6.) Ben Carson endorsed him

As Carson said, “It’s not about Mr. Trump. This is about America.” Carson is a Christian and a man of character, and a week after dropping out of the race, he took the time to vouch for the character of Trump. He said, “Some people have gotten the impression that Donald Trump is this person who is not malleable, who does not have the ability to listen, and to take information in and make wise decisions. And that’s not true. He’s much more cerebral than that.”

7.) In the interest of our religious freedoms

The government is slowly stripping our country of religious freedom. Across the United States, crosses are being labeled as gang symbols, Catholic business owners are being pressured to provide abortion access to their employees, and believing in the beauty of marriage is becoming equivalent to hating gay people. In the past 8 years, under Obama, our country has already changed.

8.) He is a successful business man

Our economy could use some expertise in that area. I know he’s had some bumps in the road, but there is a possibility he could bring good ideas to our economy.

9.) He hurt my feelings; I’m still voting for him

Many of the objections I hear, and made myself (earlier on in the race), against Trump include: he’s cocky, he’s racist, he’s sexist, he’s a joke, he’s not smart enough. The majority of these claims come from statements he has made, not actions.

10.) He’s not Hillary Clinton

She is essentially running on Obama’s record, and we can’t risk another 8 years under a similar president. As you may be able to tell, my motivation for writing this is mainly that I know some Catholics are having a hard time deciding whether or not to vote for him. He is not my ideal candidate by any stretch of the imagination. However, I think he’s decent in many ways, and ultimately better than his opposition. For me, that is enough, and I hope you will end up deciding that as well.

Finally, I ask you to listen to this narrative by Michael Savage recorded the day after the February 2016 primary debate. Trump’s actions here show more about the man than you see on the surface. This alone is enough to cast your vote for him.

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Byrlyne Van Dyke-Dowers

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