10 Wrestling Stars You Didn’t Know Were Gay

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Top 10 WWE, WCW and other wrestlers you had no idea were LGBTQ

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When watching performers in pro-wrestling, it’s easy to forget that they are all playing characters and the storylines are scripted. Many times, we do not get a true look at their personal lives or relationships. This is why it can be shocking to wrestling fans when one of their favorite performers comes out. It may have taken some time, but many pro-wrestling companies like WWE and TNA are very supportive of the LGBTQ community. Supporting these stars is essential for embracing diversity and respecting their personal lives.

No matter who they interact with or wrestle in the ring, you may not have realized that these following 10 wrestling stars were LGBTQ. Some of them came out publicly, others did it quietly, and some of them didn’t reveal anything until long after their career in pro-wrestling was over. See if your favorite performer is on this list and what they identify as.

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