12 Quotations on Homosexual Marriage by fundie frogtards

These prices are taken from a record compiled by Eric Zorn (from Chicago Tribune, October 29, 2008, Zorn cites his original write-up from 1996) Write-up listed here:
Here are the prices I read (but You should observe to the close for the twist!):

Statement No. 1: Very same-intercourse marriage need to be forbidden, explained the Republican senator from Wisconsin, “simply just since natural intuition revolts at it as mistaken.”

Statement No. 2. An group opposed to gay marriage claimed legalizing them would final result in “a degraded and ignoble inhabitants incapable of ethical and intellectual progress,” and rested this belief on the “natural superiority with which God (has) ennobled heterosexuals.”

Statement No. 3. “I consider that the tendency to classify all folks who oppose gay marriage as ‘prejudiced’ is in itself a prejudice,” grumped a observed psychologist. “Almost nothing of any importance is gained by this kind of a marriage.”

Statement No. four. A U.S. consultant from Ga declared that permitting gay marriages “always will involve (the) degradation” of regular marriage, an establishment that “warrants admiration instead than execration.”

Statement No. 5. “The up coming phase will be that gays and lesbians will desire a regulation permitting them, without the need of restraint, to . . . have absolutely free and unrestrained social intercourse with your single sons and daughters,” warned a Kentucky congressman. “It is bound to occur to that. There is no disguising the simple fact. And the faster the alarm is provided and the men and women take heed, the greater it will be for our civilization.”

Statement No. six. “When men and women of the identical intercourse marry, they are not able to maybe have any progeny,” wrote an appeals choose in a Missouri situation. “And this kind of a simple fact adequately justifies people legislation which forbid their marriages.

Statement No seven. Very same-intercourse marriages are “abominable,” in accordance to Virginia regulation. If permitted, they would “pollute” The usa.

Statement No eight. In denying the attraction of a identical-intercourse pair that had experimented with unsuccessfully to marry, a Ga court docket wrote that this kind of unions are “not only unnatural, but . . . usually productive of deplorable results,” this kind of as increased effeminate actions in the inhabitants. “They are productive of evil, and evil only, without the need of any corresponding good . . . (in accordance with) the God of mother nature.”

Statement No. 9. A gay marriage ban is not discriminatory, reasoned a Republican congressman from Illinois, since it “applies similarly to adult men and gals.”

Statement No. ten. Attorneys for the condition of Tennessee argued that this kind of unions should be illegal since they are “distasteful to our men and women and unfit to create the human race. . . .” The condition supreme court docket agreed, declaring gay marriages would be “a calamity complete of the saddest and gloomiest portent to the generations that are to occur right after us.”

Statement No. eleven. Attorneys for California insisted that a ban on identical-intercourse marriage is required to prevent “traditional marriage from remaining contaminated by the recognition of relationships that are bodily and mentally inferior. . . . (and entered into by) the dregs of modern society.”

Statement No. 12. “The regulation regarding marriages is to be construed and understood in relation to people folks only to whom that regulation relates,” thundered a Virginia choose in response to a problem to that state’s non-recognition of identical-intercourse unions. “And not,” he continued, “to a course of folks obviously not within the notion of the legislature when contemplating the subject matter of marriage.”

Observe: the dates I give are incorrect, actually 1823-1964

Outstanding reserve by Evan Wolfson, “Why Marriage Matters: The usa, Equality, and Homosexual People’s Right to Marry”, Simon & Schuster, 2004. What I really preferred about this reserve is he bypassed all of the common defenses and arguments for and against gay marriage. He went for a stringent, lean, constitutional argument that shreds any anti-gay marriage argument the identical way a constitutionalist would shred anti-gun legislation. It is, effectively, a pro-gay marriage reserve written for a conservative audience instead than for people of us who presently agree (at the very least that was what I obtained out of it).

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