20 Openly Gay Actors Who Love Playing Straight

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20 Openly Gay Actors Who Love Playing Straight
Gay Actors in hollywood Who Play Your Fave Straight Characters
Gay, Homosexual Actors in hollywood Who Play Straight TV Characters, Roles
Hollywood is full of straight actors playing gay and lesbian characters
A-list actors have the pick of roles in Hollywood, with tons of scripts landing on their desks every week. The only problem is – not so many movies cast gay characters in the leading role. It is then they are stuck in a dilemma – stay true to their own sexuality or just do what they do best and act their hearts out.

Quite often we fall in love with these actor’s on-screen personas and completely forget that we wouldn’t have a chance in hell with them in real life. Over the years the LGBT community has gained more freedom and celebrities are coming out now more than ever. It’s just these celebrities are so damn good at playing straight that we all forget they came out years ago
celebrities you didn’t know were gay

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