2008 Election – Change For All?

Will we see the first African American President elected? As a minority, gay and female, I would like to think we will. Yes, I was hopeful that this election would produce the first female president of the United States of America and yes I am disappointed yet hopeful all the same. You see, if the 2008 election is truly the election of change will change that also give hope to the many gay Americans that they too can experience change? Change in that we can begin to experience the full American Dream, the one that allows us to insure our same-sex partner, provides survivors rights in the event of death, access to retirement funds, the list goes on.

I am finding it extremely difficult to continue to pay taxes and participate in the American Dream fallacy, as promised by my fore fathers, and do so without making my voice heard. Each and every gay American needs to find their voice and continue the movement to insure that our voice does not get lost and when better to do that than in an election year that is based around change? Look to the Human Rights Campaign as well as your local organizations to get involved. Involvement can be as simple as volunteering at a fund raiser the important message here is that you must get involved. No movement, in the history of movements, ever made an impact without people made a choice to get involved and make a difference. Now is your chance to make a difference, to change the minds of Americans that we can all truly experience the Freedom together as one Nation.

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Diana Eslinger

Author: admin

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