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This is non humanoid life form
from Ava Heart Andy
This video will cover 25 facts about everybody’s favorite rapper you love to hate
Watch to learn who Kanye was influenced by
Why Kanye has no money?
And also, something about gay fish
That’s weird.

Okay Number 1
His full name is Kanye Omari West. not be confused with Omarion’s chest. Nice tat’s dude.

Number 2
He was born in Atlanta on June 8th 1977 and shares a birthday with Bar Ba Ra Bush.
This guys forehead.
and Jesus. Oh sorry, I meant Yeezus.

Number 3
In Swahili, the name Kanye is translated to mean ‘the only one’. …… as in THE ONLY ONE to ever get up out of his V M A chair, run up the V M A stairs, remove the V M A mic from Taylor Swifts V M A hands and ramble about how awesome Lemonade’s video was.

Number 4
While driving home in 2002, he was involved in a bad car accident and sustained very bad injuries
he’s still recovering from head injuries.

Number 5
During his recovery in the hospital, he continued to produce music using an electronic drum kit and other equipment.

Number 6
Before he recorded his own songs, he produced music for other stars, including Jay-Z. More than half of the tracks on Jay-Z’s ‘The Blueprint’ album were produced by Mr. Omarion’s chest.

Number 7
He was ranked number 3 on the list of producers from the decade in 2010. right behind Walmart and Target. Get it? PRO DUCE?
I know my humor is awful, but could you throw me a bone already?

Number 8
He stated that Fiona Apple was one of his favorite artists, and he wanted to become the ‘rap version’ of her. This is a real fact.

Number 9
Some of his nicknames included The Louis Vuitton Don and Yeezy. not to be confused with Gooey Batton Ron and Weezy, Jeezy, Cheezy, or Sneezy.

Number 10
More than 50% of his tracks have been the result of a collaboration with other artists. The other 50% of his tracks are too good to share, so he keeps them for himself. Don’t judge. I know you humans would all do the same thing! Greed will be your downfall.

Number 11
He was engaged to Alexis Phifer, a fashion designer, from 2006 to 2008. After that he dated this stripper turned gold digger and later married the woman of his dreams – reality tv star, Kim Kardashian. Now i ain’t saying she a gold digger, butt
You know?

Number 12
G Q awarded Kanye West the title of ‘International Man of the Year’ in 2007 butt
Then in 2008, G Q did not award Kanye West the title of ‘International Man of the Year’
Someone else won that year, because life is hard
And you don’t always win, international man of the year, all the time.

Number 13
His song ‘Hey Mama’ was dedicated to his mother, who passed away in 2007 after complications with plastic surgery. – It’s a really good song. You should check it out. And that’s horrible what happened. No jokes here.

Number 14
In 2008, Kanye opened two burger restaurants. This new business venture, Fatburger, came to a sudden end when West suffered financial problems in 2011.
And here I thought that only wealthy humanoids had money problems.

Number 15
He met his stylist at Barney’s while out shopping. Yale student Cassius Clay, no not this Cassius Clay, this Cassius Clay impressed Kanye with his dress sense. Cassius Clay is now working for Mr West.


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