25 Things The President Of The US Can’t Actually Do

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25 Things The President Of The US Can’t Actually Do | List25
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It seems as if this year’s US Presidential election has people a little bit more high strung than years past. Some may try and lead you to believe that the fate of our world rests on how you vote this November; however, the power of the Presidency is not unlimited. In fact, our whole government is a system of checks and balances, and despite being in a very powerful position, the President is surprisingly limited in both their power and personal life. Let’s take a step back and examine 25 Things The President Of The US Can’t Actually Do.

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Interpret Laws or The Constitution (Source:
Choose Members of the SCOTUS on their own (Source:
Legalize Medical Marijuana (Source:
Legalize / Criminalize Abortion or Any Other Controversial Medical Procedure (Source:
Halt Deportations or Grant Amnesty to All Illegal Immigrants (Source:
Freely Open Borders (Source:
Take Away Social Security Payments (Source: www.ssa.gov)
Drive (Source:
Repeal or Enforce Common Core or Any Other Federal Standard for Education. (Source: www.huffingtonpost.com)
Completely Forgive Student Loan Debt (Source: www.goodbyeloans.com)
Use an iPhone (Source: www.youtube.com)
Earn Income Outside of Government Salary (Source:
Break The Law (Source: www.cnn.com)
Add or Reduce Welfare Programs (Source:
Use Executive Orders To Do Whatever They Want (Source:
Seize All Firearms in the Possession of Private Citizens (Sources: www.snopes.com; www.nraila.org)
Make Gay Marriage Illegal Again (Source:
Shut Down the Government (Source:
Enact Trade Policy (Source:
Authorize Additional Funding for NASA (Source:
Repeal the Affordable Care Act (better known as Obamacare) or Enact Anything in It’s Place (Source:
Formally Declare War (Source:
Change the Tax Code (Source: www.treasury.gov)
Alter or Amend the Constitution (Source:
Change Things on a Local Level (Source:

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