3 Methods to Prepare For IIM GD-PI Topics

Once you have cleared round one of the IIM
common admission test, it is time you began your
preparation for the IIM GD / PI

To begin your preparation use the following tips on
identifying reasonably IIM GD / PI topics that may be

1) State of the Economy: Since you are the be a
Master of BUSINESS administration it is crucial
you have more than just working knowledge of
the economy. List 10 aspects of the economy such
as infrastructure, real estate, SEZ, retail, Agri
commodities, etc and identify the 5 most important
news items related to those 10 aspects to get started.

2) Major Disputes and Mergers: Keep a close eye out
for any major trade disputes and failed merger
attempts. These are always hot topics for the IIM
MBA Group Discussion. For example the merger of
Sahara Airlines with Jet airways or the dispute
between the developing nations against the g7
countries at the WTO trade meetings. Learn the 3
most important aspects of these issues

3) Stock market and commodities market: None
you have been living under a rock you should know
that India right now is hot property. Know the
changes that are taking place in terms of improving
the stock market, the growth of commodity
exports in India and how introduction of hedge
funds and liberalising foreign exchange controls will
impact the markets.

While all this may seem like a whole lot work, start
by breaking down things into 10 aspects, then
choose 5 from each and further break down into 3
points that you memorize. You will notice that you
will learn a lot faster and retain better this way than
simply reading 10 newspapers daily.

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