3 Things That Will Increase Your Attraction Powers (No Lies)

Do you want to increase your attractiveness by over 200%? Well if you do, then you are definitely in the right place. I am going to speak about some things you can add to your game which will almost immediately increase your perceived attractiveness by women. Read on!

3 Things That Will Increase Your Attraction Powers (No Lies)

Be a Challenge

You need to realize that there are literally millions of guys out there who are COMPLETE chumps. And it is your job to separate yourself from them and show women you are an exception to the rule. The best way to do this is by being a challenge. The reason is because most guys are passive and submissive with sexy women.

Rather than offer to buy her a drink, ask her to get YOU something – and this will invoke curiosity and have her wanting to get to know you some more.

Social Proof

This is probably one of the most powerful tactics. Women want what other women want. And the best way you can communicate that you are a desirable man is through already being around some beautiful women.

This is usually a challenge for most guys new to the game, simply because they do not know too many beautiful women. But those that have some friends can definitely use this to their advantage.

Your Touch

Do not be afraid to touch her. As long as you establish that you are a touchy guy at the very beginning, she will have no problem as you continue to physically escalate. Just make sure that you make this natural and NEVER look at your hands as you escalate. This will make it seem unnatural and she will think something is wrong.

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