3 Traits of a Desirable Guy

There are many different traits that make a guy desirable to a female. Men's Health magazine recently conducted a survey with women in order to determine the characteristics that they found to be desirable in a guy. The survey obtained the opinions of women from the age of 21 to the age of 54. More than one thousand women participated in the survey, which was conducted online. The results of the study are so impressive that I have decided to reveal them. Here, you will discover the top 33 traits of a desirable guy based on this research.

Trait # 1: Being Kind

Believe it or not, being kind ranked in as the third most desirable trait in a man. Women believe that when a man is nice, they are confident and supporting. This goes against what's currently being taught. People are confusing "being polite and respectful" with "being overly nice in a way that makes the guy appear desperate".

If you want to be attractive to women, avoid putting on the macho, big bad guy attitude. You will win her over if you simply take the time to treat her in the same respectful manner. In the survey, 67% of women ranked this trait as the third most desirable one in men.

Trait # 2: Having Humor

When evaluating personality traits that make a guy desirable, 77% of all women find that a man that has a sense of humor is a man that they want to be with. It's almost a must. Here's the deal: Make women feel as though life is full of stress. Women, generally experience more pressure than guys (at least, perceivable). The last thing that a woman wants is a man who caves under the pressures of life. They need someone who can simply laugh away the negative situations that occur in life and keep her in a positive state. If you're able to do this, you will be seen as desirable.

Trait # 3: Being Passionate

It's not surprising that passion is one of the most desirable trains in a guy, right? Amazingly, passion was not as highly rated as the trains highlighted by prior to this one. Only 46% of the women who answered the survey considered being passionate as a desirable trait in a guy. Men are not known for their outward expressions of passion. As a matter of fact, most women do not expect their man to be passionate, but they do enjoy it when they are. The point is to prove that you care about more than just your own needs and wants. Women will love it if you show that trait!

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