A gay couple became dads at the time, when LGBT rights were far from equality | Panax Center

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In this documentary, first broadcast in 2000 and before same-sex marriage was legal in the U.K., we follow the story of how a gay couple who have been together for 11 years, end up being Dads. Frustrated in their attempts to adopt a child in England, they decide to put money where biology can’t help them and turn to surrogacy in the States. Within this narrative is embedded the wider story of the couple, Barrie and Tony: the childhood and extended family on a working class estate; the gay scene where they met; the move south to become millionaires; their struggle to adopt and foster; the search for the perfect mothers; the lows and highs of trying to conceive. This is a powerful human story that deals with major contemporary issues involving the family, parenting and prejudice.


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