A Gay’s Guide to Sure Signs to Tell If a Straight Guy is Game

There will be less gay advances gone wrong if only you knew sure signs to tell if a straight guy is game. Determining whether he is up to it is the key to saving your efforts and avoiding major embarrassment.

Whether straight guys are conscious of it or not, they are sending a ton of signals that determine if they are open or not. Usually these are non verbal cues and accepting body language that they project that are sure signs to tell if a straight guy is game.

It all starts with making eye contact. You can tell if a straight guy is game when he holds your gaze or even attempts to from time to time, in this case, he may just be shy but is welcoming the idea. Make it appear that your eye contact is neutral though, and not exactly a nonverbal translation of “I want to dip you in caramel and lick your abs all night.” Do not freak him out, making eye contact is but an initial test to tell if a straight guy is game.

If he is, take it another level and brush against him after you have done the initial approach. See how he reacts to some man to man skin contact. When he makes a point, touch him lightly on the arm, or on the shoulder.

Another way to do this prior to making an advance is to “accidentally” bump into him and lightly touching him while apologizing. Other signs that are positive include palms facing up, or his chest are pointed at you when you speak for this suggests that you are his most important focus even when his head is looking on a different direction.

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