A Guide to Promoting Yourself Online

It's a cut throat world out there for people who want to make it big in the entertainment or music industry but fear not as the internet could be your secret weapon when trying to get noticed by a talent scout or management agency. Self promotion can be expensive but with a wealth of free online avenues to go down, the computer could be your first stop on the road to fame and fortune with plenty of cash left to spare.

Taking music as the first example, the internet has proved almost invaluable for today's up and coming bands. Artists such as Lily Allen and Kate Nash are all thought to have been discovered via their MySpace pages that act as a free platform to advertise and promote your latest songs to fans and followers from all over the world. As a band or solo artist, a MySpace page is not only great for uploading your latest work but also as a way to advertise live gigs and merchandise. Offering MySpace fans deducted tickets will encourage more people to attend your gig, spread the word about both the gig and your social networking site and also get you more virtual fans in the process!

Aside from MySpace, YouTube is another free channel that can prove highly versatile in promoting your work. Whether a live recording, some behind the scenes footage or even an interview, the options are endless when it comes to YouTube. YouTube itself plays a strong role in current trends and continues to thrust people into the spotlight based on the originality, talent or just downright bizarre footage distributed on their free YouTube channels.

For individuals looking to make a break on the acting or comedy circuit, why not invest in a Twitter account? With millions of users worldwide, Twitter is a micro-blogging site that's popular with Hollywood A-lists and salt of the earth types alike. Twitter is a rich hunting ground for people looking for the next big talent. Make sure your tweets offer readers a funny, original or intriguing insight into everyday life or an exclusive insight into a specific project you are working on. Following these tips will encourage Twitter followers and set your tweets apart from the mundane, vague and pointless tweets that smatter the ether.

Finally, for those looking to exhibit their talents as a entrepreneur why not start a Facebook group for fans of your product? Do not be put off by the competition however with thousands of groups already in existence. As an example, life insurance comparison sites have shown a year on year growth of 30-50%, meaning there's plenty of room on the internet for everyone even in a competitive industry; the same applying to social networking. One of the main attractions of social networking is building a community of supporters of like minded individuals all for the cost of none! Showing investors the interest from people online through channels such as Facebook not only demonstrates the value of your product but also the number of potential buyers out there.

The internet is a veritable playground for people looking to promote themselves, their talents and their ideas. Although the number of people with similar goals can be overwhelming, not everyone boasts determination and drive that will inevitably allow you to achieve your dreams.

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Harvey McEwan

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