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Marriage as the base of our community and as an institution has changed considering from what it was when our grandsparents got married, even from when our parents got married. Attitudes, concepts and the way family, careers, equality and even gay relations are perceiving has led to a change in the structure of society: due to several experiences people are getting married later in life, young naive or inexperienced couples getting divorced more often, Marrying more than once, and living longer. If we compare this scenario to the one we saw only a few decades ago, couples would get married and set up home together, now usually people live together first, or it is a second or third marriage where two homes are being merged into one.

This constant process makes the buying of wedding gifts all the more difficult. Even when these wedding gifts are put together by the couples it is difficult to get ideas to satisfy all guests and themselves. The principle behind wedding gifts is that they should be useful, functional and somewhat unique, that is why that whatever your gift may be it is recommended to do your shopping early, never leave your gift buying until the last minute. If you are helping organize the wedding event you'll be under a lot of stress which will not let you concentrate on brainstorming ideas to get the perfect wedding gift.

Depending on your budget, these gifts can be anything from token gifts to expensive jewelry or even gadgets for the groomsmen. Some acceptable wedding gift ideas are:

Dinner at a great restaurant: Remember this is a wedding gift so let it be a classy restaurant where they can enjoy great food and a romantic time together.

– An iPod or other hip little mp3 player: If the groom (or even the bride) are inclined towards electric gadgets these are a must, if the bride is not, then this will be the perfect gift for the groom.

– A great CD: Again this can go both ways but make sure you know their tastes otherwise it'll end up collecting dust.

– Tickets to a rock concert / opera: Just like the music CD it is important you know the couple's tastes in order for this to be a hit.

– Cologne / perfume: This is the most classic acceptable wedding gift, just make sure that the scent is not too strong or sweet.

– A gift certificate to Target or a similar store where they can get useful items for daily use.

– A juice maker: make sure to get a high powered one, preferably from a recognized brand.

– A Victoria's secret gift: This is often a hit among the ladies and a great place to get sexy wedding gifts.

– Kitchen equipment to make fancy deserts or cookware: this involves gourmet coffee makers, popcorn machines and even chocolate fondue fountains which are without a doubt original wedding gifts for which you will be remembered for.

Getting the couple a unique gift can have its rewards. It stands out in their mind and may help to cement a friendship. Buying them a great experience like a romantic getaway can be a great gift and very thought too. Depending on how much you plan to spend, you could even plan for a delicious bottle of champagne to be waiting for them when they arrive.

Remember though, wedding gifts should only be offered if affordable, many times a simple thank you card or a kind word to your party on the day of your wedding can be just as touching and appreciative as the gift itself.

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