Afghanistan Starvation

There appeared to be many people in Afghanistan that were starving and it said that over 3.5 million Afghans face a severe and critical food shortage. Now some say this is because they are busy planting poppies instead of planting crops and indeed that is true. However, the fact that people are starving also needs to be addressed. This is why the United Nations "World Food Program" is urging for nations to give their support.

There is only one problem with all of this and that is that many citizens of the world will be asking their governments not to give money because the Afghans will not help themselves and instead wish to pollute the human minds of the world with their drugs. How much is needed to help the 3.5 million people who are starving? About $ 40 million is needed just for the United Nations world food program and this would be in the vicinity of 55,000 tons of food.

The United Nations food program is short about half of their goal for Afghanistan and about half of their goal for the rest of the world is well. So what are they doing? They are ration enough food and only bringing half. Some say this will work, but others point out it will cause civil unrest and violence as people fight for the food that is delivered and it will make it very dangerous for volunteers and the United Nations in protecting the supplies and the people.

The Afghanistan government said it's farmers in Afghanistan do not harvest enough food to meet the consumption goals for the country. There are still some issues that need to be addressed to make Afghanistan viable for its employers. Please consider this in 2006.

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