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Juneau is Alaska's capital city and is located approximately 600 miles from Alaska's other main city, Alaska. No roads are available either in or out of Juneau, but almost everything in Alaska is accessible by their thriving businesses of chartered planes.

This type of insurance accounts for the close-knit personality that is the trademark of Alaska, and it is this very quality that the gay community here finds most endearing. In Juneau you can take advantage of many Alaska gay bars, as well as the Southeast Alaska Gay and Lesbian Alliance. Juneau is also home to the LGBT Pride Chorus, a respected and endearing local theater company with a huge gay following. You will also feel right at home in their numerous bars, and many gay friendly restaurants and inns.

Anchorage is another very gay friendly Alaskan city, and is its largest city with a population over a quarter million residents. Anchorage is well known as being the cultural mecca of Alaska, and this includes a significant weight on theater, art, and with these cultural centers, a very visible gay community. Anchorage is not a dazzling town, but offers a feel-good vibe that will make you very comfortable in many of its Alaska gay bars.

In Anchorage you will definitely want to stop at at the Glacier Brewhouse, a famous Alaska gay bar that is known for its cultural cuisine and lambic beer. The Sassafras Coffeehouse is also a well known Alaska gay bar that offers a more intimate setting for lounging with coffee, cocktails, and free wireless Internet.

When in Anchorage, check out Cyrano's Theater Company, where you can catch a show and hang out with their thriving gay community afterwards. After the show, head downtown to enjoy the queer nightlife in Alaska gay bars. Mad Myrna's is one of Alaska gay bars that hosts cabaret performances and a hot and heavy dance floor. For something more male oriented, check out the Raven, just around the corner from Myrna's.

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