Amazing Sex Positions and Why They Feel So Good

Have you ever wondered how to make sex feel even better? Not everyone is skilled in the Kama Sutra, so here are some easy and arousing positions to try with your lover. We have the best sexual positions to give you and your partner the time of your lives without pulling a muscle!

Girl on Top Positions

When a woman is on top during your love making, it gives her a sense of control. She can control the depth, the thrust, and her orgasm. It allows the man to go deeper and feel all her folds, and gives her g-spot more stimulation. Some common positions with the woman on top are:

The cowgirl and the reverse cowgirl: woman is either facing towards or away from you

The Squatting Position: woman is squatting on top of man's lap-allows you to go even deeper!

The Sideways Position: This is like the Cowgirl, but the woman is sitting to the side The woman on top positions have hundreds of variations. Remember, with a rising of a leg or a slight shift in the hips can make all the difference and can create a whole new position!

Man on Top Positions

When the man is on top, it allows for more creativity, because his anatomy is more easily maneuvered. He can control his orgasm and if he does it correctly, he can give the woman a more powerful orgasm.

Missionary positions: This feels good for both parties and has many different variations

Doggie Style: This is a maximizing pleasure position that hits the female g-spot Sideway positions: You can either be watching or have him on top with the woman's legs turned to the side.

Again, these all have many variations and can be changed with just a switch of a leg or different angle of the pelvis.These sexual positions are only starting points. The possibilities are endless! Use your creativity and tell your partner what your favorite position is, so they can do more of it!

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