Anti-Gay Marriage Parade: Protesters in Japan march against legalizing gay marriage

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Protesters turned out in Tokyo after the Shibuya Ward decided to recognize same sex couples as equal to legally married heterosexual couples.

On March 10th, the protesters held a parade against gay marriage and in support of traditional heterosexual marriages.

The protesters contend that gay marriage is sacrilegious and will bring about the end of the world.

Japan’s Liberal Conservative Party may not believe that legalizing gay marriage equals the end of the world, but they contend that gay marriage will disrupt traditional families, destroy social values and bring about a collapse of social order.

Although conservatives and protesters like these continue to cling to the ideals of a traditional family with 2.4 kids and a white picket fence, they’re ignoring a good part of their own history.

Historically Japan’s classic novels have always referred to love between men or love between men and beautiful boys. The Warring States period and the Heian period produced many pieces of literature or poetry devoted to the love between two people of the same gender.

So its strange that the Liberal Conservative Party continually claims that is merely defending the historic traditional family model, when there seemed to be such diversity in love between individuals in the past. However, the Liberal Conservative Party tried to pull another trick from its sleeve when it claimed that gay marriage violated Japan’s constitution.

Unfortunately for them Japan’s constitution is actually quite vague as it says marriage is “based only on the mutual consent of both sexes”.

And as one famous New Zealand politician, Maurice Williamson said, when defending his vote in support of gay marriage: “All we are doing with this bill is allowing two people who love each other to have that love recognized by way of marriage.”

And we couldn’t agree more.

Legalizing gay marriage certainly won’t bring about another world war and it isn’t the start of an epidemic.

After all, those who oppose gay marriage are entitled to their opinion, but unless somebody is forcing them into a same-sex marriage, why should anyone listen to them?


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