Are Pink Polo Shirts Suitable For Gentlemen?

Of course they are! Pink is now really appropriate for gentlemen to put on, and a polo shirt is a fantastic piece for gentlemen to put on in pink. Why? Mainly because the polo is a manly, masculine, sporty garment so ideally for the guy who is anxious about adding pink to their wardrobe.

Quite a few girls like they boyfriend or partner to put on pink. It demonstrates they are secure and unafraid to make a assertion. It is also awesome to see gentlemen in a various colour than the standard darkish hues this kind of as black and blue. Its a awesome adjust from the norm.

The single guy can use pink polo shirts to stand out from the crowd and be discovered by the girls. If you act in a self-confident fashion, wearing pink demonstrates you are prepared to be discovered and be various, and you will be observed as fascinating.

What to put on with pink polo shirts

Do put on pink polos with a neutral colour that grounds and does not compete with it. For illustration: cream, white, khaki, chocolate, and denim. Also:

Do put on center of the assortment pinks with white.
Do mix cream or khaki with delicate blush pinks.
Do be braver with fantastic combinations like steamy pink and grass environmentally friendly for unique freshness.
Never set collectively chilly pastels this kind of as pink and infant blue. This ain’t gonna get the job done.

Never put on blatant pink with black: it looks passe, to say the minimum. Use around-white or khaki as a fresher contrast to the pink.
The most effective pink polo shirts.

The most effective designer makes develop fantastic pink polo shirts that will enchantment to gentlemen of all ages. The Armani Pink Pique Polo Shirt is a fantastic illustration. Down below is a photograph. You can see the exclusive hexagonal Armani jeans symbol.

Why the bias against gentlemen wearing pink polos?

Quite a few gentlemen will refuse to put on pink garments this kind of as a pink polo shirt simply because the colour is connected with femininity. To set it much more bluntly, straight gentlemen think wearing pink will make them look homosexual. They could be humiliated to put on pink when their mates are about or out in community.

Most likely one variable in determining that pink is just not for boys is the way we costume toddlers and young young children – blue for the boys and pink for the ladies. A definite rule etched into culture. And I think about quite few mom and dad, in-reality hardly any, would break and costume their boy in pink.

Surprisingly it hasn’t normally been this way. Just as numerous hundreds of years back gentlemen usually wore skirts – for useful reasons, boys would put on pink, as it was a spinoff of pink and showed masculinity. In Christianity blue signifies virginity and was hence much more appropriate for ladies… now is just not that bizarre, when in comparison to modern norms!

In summary I would say that pink polo shirts are a fantastic addition to any mans selection and ideally for all events from lazy Sunday afternoons to a hectic session in the gym. Pink is the new black!

Eszter Hegedus

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