Are You Having Problems Finding a Great Boyfriend? 8 Reasons Why You Might Be Having Problems

Are you having difficulty meeting and keeping great boysfriends? It is not entirely your fault. Let me put forward a few suggestions why this may be so:

1. Your parents are not great role models. Even if they try to advise you the rules have changed with each generation so they are unable to pass on any meaningful and up to date advice.

2. You were not taught about the rules of engagement in school, nor were you taught how to select the right partner for you, or how to create and maintain loving relationships … none of this is given to you through formal education

3. What about brothers and sisters, friends. Well for the most part they've been socialized and educated in the same way as you so unless they know something different to you, they're more often than not in the same position

4. What about TV or Hollywood films? "Titanic ????" Is that how love and attraction and relationships really work? OK take another – When Harry Met Sally … or Sleepless in Seatle, not gonna get much from them. The celebrities and stars are constantly changing partners, so they are not good role models when it comes to relationships.

5. What about the music industry – well really they want to sell "sex" and Hollywood wants to sell you romantic escapism. The job of the TV, film or music is not to teach you how to be happy, how to attract the right mate, how to develop a loving relationship – no! Their role is to keep reminding us of our human need for love, romance, sex, attraction, and keep us hooked with tales of seduction and romance BUT NOT TO SHOW US HOW WE CAN GET ALL THESE THINGS IN OUR OWN LIFE. That has never been the intent of the mass media.

6. What about magazines, books, the internet … well they take the issue a little more seriously than the film and music industry – 520 secrets about men, 77 ways to attract a mate, 201 tricks to get your ideal partner into bed , All designed to capture your attention and sell you on the "instant download" immediate gratification – the problem is more often than not, once you get past the back cover and get the book home, the only thing that's been satisfied and gratified is your Curiosity. Or you download something of the internet and never look at it again because you found the same tips and tricks that you read in every other glossy magazine

7. A note about books – they did help me and there are many out there but it was a long and lonely road which lasted for 12 years until I really felt like I knew what I was doing and knew that I could attract the partner of My dreams and the life I love.

8. The dating industry – lets you meet and communicate but does not take any role in helping you beyond taking your membership fees? Most internet date sites and introduction agencies are really businesses which bottom line is PROFIT $$$$$!

So how on earth do you discover what really works in meeting and keeping a great man? Trial and error? Well the lessons learnt may be too painful and your heart may be damaged beyond repair before you get the real skills that are required. There are more satisfying ways to educate and get great actionable powerful tips. Visit the links below and discover secrets that will revolutionalize your love life. Remember to sign up for to get more information to make you a winner in the realm of relationships.

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Hilton Samuel

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