Arranged Marriages – That Was Not

Arranged Marriage- that never was.

This middle class family, has a habit. They got used to a certain routine, a well oiled mechanical movement. Wake up at 5.30 in the morning; finish with the toilet in one hour. Go to the prayer room and come back in 20 minutes. Pick up the News Paper and milk from the porch, and walk towards the kitchen, keep the milk on the kitchen table and walk back to the drawing room, reading the paper all the while. During this process, some other member of the family, will grab the sports page or the middle page, editorial. As there are two toilets, the news paper gets to be read by at least three in such a short period. Fragrance of filter coffee will allow their nostrils to take a deep breath, and that is enough of a compliment to the housewife, the mother.

There are two who have eligible-bachelor status in the family of five. All of a sudden a proposal for the girl, comes up. Their daily routine was interrupted. The quiet and peaceful atmosphere was disturbed. Noisy discussion takes place. Who is the boy? How did they come to know? Where is he working? Is he handsome? Where is his house? Are they rich?

They investigated, and collected details from all possible sources. Every one participated in the journalistic research, and summed up the results. Not bad, looks like a good match. Every one agreed. The father, head of the family, visited the boy's father and collected the horoscope copy. He went straight to an astrologer, and returned home, beaming. Good news. Everything falls into place, like a puzzle. The boy's parents came to see the girl. She is pretty, a perfect match for their son. She is still to appear for the final exam in three months time or so. No problem, the college is right in between these two houses. Even after marriage, she can go and appear for the exam. How convenient! The groom will be home on vacation next month. That night, every member of the two families slept happily, dreaming a grand wedding.

The very next day, the girl disappeared. After an exhaustive search, they found her living with a married man with three children and a wife.
It was, indeed, an arranged marriage!

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Raveendran Nambyar

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