Auschwitz III – Unknown Part of Auschwitz Extermination Camp

Auschwitz Camp is one of the most frequently visited places in Poland. Every year millions of tourists from country and abroad come here to meet one of the darkest pieces of human history. Auschwitz I and Auschwitz II Birkenau are very well-known. There are not many people who did not hear about "Block 10" in Auschwitz or cremators and railroad ramp in Birkenau. However Nazi elimination camp in Oswiecim has one more part. Maybe the most important one.

Auschwitz III Monowitz was one of the first and the largest sub-camps of KL Auschwitz. At the beginning it was to be a factory of German company IG Farben which has been producing synthetic rubber and liquid fuel. Authorities of company decided to benefit from the ignorance of Auschwitz camp and they made a contract with SS which let them to use prisoners as a cheap labor.

In the first period prisoners were working in the construction of factory. Later they built barriers and created their own prison. People who worked in Auschwitz III Monowitz were treated in very brutal way. IG Farben management employed special commandos of guards and used a help of SS who forced prisoners to work. Within about 3 years of Auschwitz III operation, management was still complaining about poor performance of workers. Beating and other punishments was not able to make them work harder. Even an introduction a system of rewards did not mobilize them. As a rewards Germans used permissions for wearing a watches, longer hears ,ave them bonds for cigarettes and other trifles. They did not think that the main reason of poor performance is a hunger …

During forced labor in Auschwitz III Monowitz died about 10 thousand prisoners. They were tortured to death by guards. Those who were not able to work any more, were transported to Birkenau and killed in gas chambers or by the Phenol's injection into the heart. It's really hard to say what was worse, to die immediately in gas chamber after the transportation to the camp or to be tortured, live in inhuman conditions and work as a slave.

Auschwitz III Monowitz is the most obvious proof that the power of Third Reich was built upon the suffering and slavery.

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