Baby Adoption for Gay Couples

Homosexual couples adopting babies has always been a very controversial topic. Some people fear that gay couples can not give a? Normal? Environment in which to properly raise a child. Some also question the effect of what is considered an abnormal set up to the well-being of a child.

Secret Adoptions

Homosexuals have been adopting babies for a long time. However, up until recently, they have all been done in secret. They had to keep their adoptions clandestine because of the way society voices about gays adopting. Gay couples used to lie in order to be allowed to adopt. Usually, one member of the couple will adopt a baby and say that the other person was only a friend or roommate. What they were doing was illegal since it is against the law to lie in an adoption application. This is considered fraud, and if they get caught, the adoption may become void, and possible criminal charges may be filed.

Legality of Gay Adoption

Today, only one state still has a law that bans homosexuals from adopting babies. In the entire United States, Florida is the only state that outlaws gay adoption. Nine states allow gays to openly adopt as a couple, while in the other states, only one member of the couple is allowed to adopt the baby. After the adoption is finalized, the second member of the couple can then apply to become the second parent. This is the only way homosexuals can legally adopt in those states.


Many organizations have done research on the effects of children being promoted by same-sex couples, and the results are mostly unfavorable to homosexuals. But gay advocate groups contend that the studies are generally unreliable and biased, depending on who conducted the research. Gay and lesbian groups have produced favorable results in their studies, while religious and conservative groups insist on the negative effects of gay adoption on a child. Experts now say considering the strong feelings people have, it is nearly impossible to have an objective study on this topic.

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