Beverly Hills 90210 – The Original Teen Drama!

Jason Priestley and Luke Perry were the hot stuff in town, with the girls going crazy for Brandon Walsh and Dylan McKay way before Pacey and Dawson were even a twinkle in the producer's eye. The series aired from October 4th in 1990 and kept their teenage audience glued to their sets until the turn of the millennium.

Following the lives of the glitzy Beverly Hills community of the young and beautiful, the show documented the lives of teen characters through a host of nail-biting dramas that reflected the interests (and fears) of the young audience. The California kids came up against some topical issues, including gay rights, domestic violence, drug abuse, eating disorders, AIDs, suicide and parenting.

Living with their parents Cindy and Jim, twins Brandon and Brenda (played by Priestley and actress Shannen Doherty) hang out with their equally beautiful and affluent friends and get into a number of scrapes and situations. Joining them in their teen dramas were Kelly Taylor (played by Jennie Garth) and Donna Martin (Tori Spelling). Other characters came in to their lives, such as Scott Scanlon, David Silver, Andrea Zuckerman and Steve Sanders.

The show was filmed primarily in California, with Torrance High School being the main setting for the West Beverly High School – the stage of many of the show's dramas. Darren Star created the show which saw the friendship groups and romances make and break while throwing endless crises at the poor little rich kids. Who can forget the time when Brenda had a pregnancy scare, when Kelly and Dylan kissed and began an infamous love triangle or when Brenda and Kelly turned up to the Spring Dance wearing ethnic prom dresses? The trials and tribulations played out to become one of the most popular and enduring teen sit-coms of all time.

But what happened to the famous teen stars of 90210? Where did they all end up? Well Jason Priestley ended up as an executive producer on the show, before making appearances in Tru Calling, Love Monkey and several films. Shannen Doherty starred in Heaters alongside Winona Ryder and became a key cast member of Charmed as Prue Halliwell. Tori Spelling topped the New York Times Bestseller list with her autobiography 's TORI Telling' which can now be found on the bookshelf of many a Beverly Hills office []. She featured in a number of series documenting her celeb life, before settling down with her family and husband Dean McDermott.

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