Bulgaria Gay Bars

A few decades ago, the gay citizen or traveler to Bulgaria would have found it extremely difficult to be openly gay. Since then, the government of Bulgaria has become somewhat more liberal and democratic and thus has a larger and more visible gay community, and a wide selection of establishments. While much of the country still remains conservative in their lifestyles, the gay scene in Bulgaria is much more optimistic than ever before. More and more bars are available than ever before.

You will find most gay venues in its capital city of Sofia. Sofia is a modern city that offers an old world feel with its coblstone streets and small trendy caf├ęs. Stylish boutiques are found all through Sofia as well for the gay traveler that enjoys shopping. In the mornings you can enjoy coffee frappes and biscuits for breakfast, or even have some pizza for breakfast if you are so inclined. Spend your days touring the quaint cobblestone streets and historic sites, and spend your evenings dancing away in one of many clubs around town.

When you are in Bulgaria, be sure to check out the monumental war memorial on Mount Stoletove. This freedom monument honors the battle of the Russian Turkish war and the carved stone soldier figures frozen in battle are an awe inspiring presence. The history buff will also enjoy checking out the medieval fortress ruins of the Tzaravets that date as far back as the 11th century. When you are finished your history lessons of Bulgaria, unwind and relax and enjoy the night away.

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