Business Networking – Three Questions You Should Avoid

Inquiries about business networking are going on all the time all over the World Wide Web. There are numerous tips, techniques, and methodologies available at clicks-length. In regards to doing the right thing when networking for career advancement, there's a lot of good and practical information to be found online. You can find out the proper phrases to use in order to break the ice and begin to build relationships. You can find guaranteed techniques for gaining instant rapport. You can even find psychological miracle cures for shyness.

As one seeks, he will surely find something. Hopefully, if it's an extended search, wrought with a lot of effort, he will find the proper information, which will actually help. The right information, like knowing what questions to avoid when business networking are located below.

Of course, there are a lot more things you can avoid when having a professional conversation. Below I've only focused on 3. Review them briefly but keep them in mind as you continue to build your business networking equity.

First of all, always avoid questions directly or closely related to political opinion. I know that when we had such a controversial campaign going on like that of President Barack Obama's, it was hard to avoid, even in everyday speak. However, when avoiding possible liability and looking to positively build business allies, I'd leave out any opinion about politics that was not completely insipid.

Failure to keep this in mind can cause you to brand yourself as critically opinionated and even worse, labeled as some sort of extremist. We both know that people tend to take things out of context and we do not want that happening when our goal is to create favorable bonds.

Secondly, avoid any questions that delve too deeply into religious beliefs. Sure, it's quite alright, if you are asked, to state your general religion. It's even okay to state the place in which you worship. (And that's even borderline!) But asking questions which can induce the delivery of a mini sermon or making a person question their own beliefs, can not only open up heated discussions but end a potentially productive relationship instantly.

The opinions just described have their place in all appropriateness but when we were talking about business interactions, there's no room for them. You could be walking on a slippery slope once those doors are opened. So, I'd avoid those questions.

And third, avoid questions with a sexual orientation context. Sexual orientation is a controversial issue for sure but asking questions that can make a person feel intimidated and even embarrassed is no way to start a business relationship. While there are Gay and Lesbian business networking groups, they are just that, "Business Networking Groups".

It is wise to stick to the focus of your business relationships and not ask questions which could provoke strong opinions. If you open this can of worms, you could be inviting an uncomfortable situation between you and your potential business partner.

Of course, just avoiding these questions will not guarantee that you will have an outstanding business networking experience but it will help you keep the waters calm and friendly during your conversation. Keep the above tips in the front of your mind when you are out building business relationships and seeking the results you wish.

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