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Canada is the second largest country in the world when it comes to land mass. The United States may beat it in population numbers, but when it comes to gay politics, Canada is the largest pro-gay nation on the planet. Canada even smokes out the most liberal parts of Europe when it comes to acceptance and tolerance of the gay community. In this great country, same sex marriage is legal, and being proud of who you are is mandatory.

Canada is a mirror to the United States when it comes to geography. The Eastern provinces are well known for some of Canada's biggest cities. With the East comes a quaintness paralleled by New England. Western Canadians are known as liberal tree huggers with log homes nestled in the Rocky Mountains. Their ideals of healthy and natural lifestyles provide a healthy backbone for a rich gay nightlife. Central Canada is large, and empty, but despite its waves of wheat and grain, an open gay lifestyle is what prevails. From east to west however, Canada is anything but conservative, no matter how sparse the population in some parts.

You will find the largest gay centers and liberal hubs along the Southern borders of Canada. Here there are sophisticated urban centers who pride themselves on liberality. Toronto and Montreal have the largest gay communities, with scenes so fresh that even Londoners or New Yorkers would find reason to blush.

The reason for this is that Canadians are very straightforward about sex, and about their sexuality. Home of the filming of 'Brokeback Mountain', Canadians have an attitude that is open, and accepting. Whether that's in their bathhouses, or in their most exclusive bars. Nothing shocks Canadians. And through our directory, you get to be among the first to find out where they are tonight!

The large cities are definitely the place to be for a massive choice of gay bars and clubs. Toronto is one of these cities and there are enough gay bars in the city to visit a different one each night for several years! Try the Toronto Townhouse, which is actually a B&B but is located just three blocks from the Gay Village. Its also within walking distance of many tourist attractions including shops, art galleries and the CN Tower.

Quebec is another popular place for the gay community. The Bar Le Drague is located in fashionable rue St-Jean and is regarded as Quebecs main gay bar. Its pretty large inside, with a main dance floor and a stage that plays host to the occasional drag or cabaret show. It also has a basement disco.

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