Each one of us is so busy in our life that we seriously give a thought to what is going around us. Most of us do not think of returning even a fraction to our society from where we have so much. We have become so selfish that we only think about us and do not give a helping hand to the ones who require the support from us. There are orphans, unweded mothers who nee our support, there are HIV patients who need to be care and feel like normal people. Then there are local parks that need to be cared for, that require being greener.

Homer has rightly said, "The charity that is a trifle to us can be precious to others." Little charity done by all of us makes a lot of difference in the life of the recipient. It may cost us nothing but means a lot to the homeless person. As good couples you can always find ways for charity. There are a number of ways to make contributions to the society. Look around and you will definitely find someone who requires your help. Charity gives immunity pleasure that you will never get in any other activity. It makes you feel responsible. Make it something special. Go together to buy some clothing and other necessaries for babies. After that both the partners can go and help unweded mother by providing them with baby clothes and other requirements. Go to a synergy house and donate the stuff to the helpless mothers who have nobody close to them to care for. To make some helpless person smile is something wonderful. Just try once make someone smile with kindness and you will see wont to do it again and again. It will not only make that vulnerable person happy but you as couples will get a chance to be close to each other as you will realize the depth of life.

You could also donate money for a park nearby that you feel needs more maintenance. Go to that park and see if it requires some particular kind of trees that will make it look attractive. After taking a good round of the park make pledges. Contribute a tree to the park and whenever you go to that park a look at that tree will make you happy.

One needs to just look around and would find innumerable ways for showing kindness. It only requires a person to be sensitive and conscious of what is going around you. Little acts of kindness and benevolence make you a better person. As couples you have more respect for each other and you love each other more as you know that your partner is a kind person.

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