Christian Businesses – Communication and Connection With People

1. Why? Communication and connection with people is the basis of Christian businesses in every industry. Every day, I see more ways connecting is important! Many times, I learn from my own mistakes. As we know, we look upon Christ in each person we meet. We understand this best when we are connecting with people. We get to know each other in Christian businesses.

2. Serving! Communication and connection with people is part of serving. Christian businesses involve servant leadership in connecting with people. We serve the world in special ways. We help people in ways as unique as each of us is as individuals. As in any industry, there are those who do wrong. There are people who take advantage of people rather than help them.

3. Hope. When done right our work is very satisfying. We provide hope in our communication and connection with people. We use our time and effort connecting with people so we may guide each person on our team on a path of opportunity. We help people grow. We help people figure out who they want to become. We work with people so that they can achieve success that matches their level of personal development. We help them to increase both! People achieve whatever they decide to achieve as long as they do what it takes to get there.

4. Who. While anyone can build Christian businesses, it is definitely not for everyone! We need to be careful who it is that we choose to work with and accept into our company. We need to use our time wisely. While someone may have an excellent work ethic, that person may not be able to be effective in our company. Some people may not be capable of communication and connection. They may be unwilling to grow. Some simply may not be capable of behaving well.

5. How. How we invest our time, effort and other resources determines our success. Our time and our people are our most important assets. When we waste resources in bringing on people who do not fit, we do not help them or us. People who do not like people do not fit! We can help people to grow. We cannot force them to grow. There is no personal growth magic wand. It comes from consistent effort over time. One way to manage growth is to match our level of effort with the level of effort of our people. We move to help them as and when they move to help themselves.

Connecting with people is necessary! Communication and connection with people is the basis of Christian businesses in every industry.

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Cynthia Ann Leighton

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