Christian Pastor Destroys Gay Pastor | Robert Jeffress vs Neil Cazares-Thomas

(June 2015) – Christian pastor Robert Jeffress (from Initially Baptist Dallas) systematically destroys homosexual reverend Neil Cazares-Thomas’ (from the Cathedral of Hope) arguments issue-by-issue on very same-intercourse relationship. Connected:

Science Shows Gay People Can Alter Their Sexual Orientation (Ought to See!):

Celibate Gay Christian Claims Marriage Need to Be In between One particular Man and One particular Woman:

Slavery in the Bible?:

FAQs About Christian Bakers Aaron and Melissa Klein:

The Bible and Homosexuality:

Christianity and Homosexuality:

Ex-Gay men and women who transformed:

Very same-Intercourse Marriage: How Need to Christians Respond:

Young children of Gay Couples Oppose Very same-Intercourse Marriage:

Black Preacher Claims Gay Is Not The New Black:

Proof Religious Freedom at Risk Simply because of Very same-Intercourse Marriage:

Court Forces Christian to Violate Religious Freedom!:

Proper, Not Politically Proper: How Gay Marriage Hurts Everybody:

Is God Anti-Gay?:

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