Christina Aguilera – Bionic Album Review

It has been four years since the queen of pop released her last album and since then allot has changed, mainly the introduction of the sensation that is Lady Gaga. Gaga may have pushed the distant memory of Christina out of our thoughts however in typical Christina Aguilera fashion she’s back and she isn’t about to go down without a fight.

Lady Gaga has set the bar very high so in order for Christina Aguilera to have any chance she must come out fighting otherwise she may as well go home. To Aguilera’s credit she does this very well and doesn’t flunk the challenge set by Gaga. Christina aligns herself with a vast army of talented collaborators and the result is sometimes astounding.

Christina may have recently become a mother but one thing is clear from this album and that is this singer is still as dirty as ever and has sex on the brain. One of her tracks titled “Sex for breakfast” is a very steamy track in which it should carry an X rating.

All of the accompanying guests on this album bring something to the table while Christina lays the finishing touches. That’s not to say everything in this album is similar to Lady gaga though as a fair number of her tracks are heavy heaving ballads which Christina Aguilera as become known for.

Overall I wouldn’t say this album is as good has her previous ones, however having being out of the music business for so long then it is understandable. Fans of Christina Aguilera will enjoy this album just as much as her previous albums. Bionic proves to the public that Aguilera is no spent force and will be around for longer than we may have thought.

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