Cool and Hip Hollywood Hairstyles For Men

The fashions and hairstyles of Hollywood's leading men, have always played a large part in the popular hairstyles requested by people around the world. Most of the hottest hairstyles have been made popular because of Hollywood hunks. Some hairstyles are so outrageous, that working class American would have a hard time pulling them off. The celebrities that are representative of the average male have the most influence on hairstyle trends.

The trendiest hairstyles may stick around for a month or years, depending on how hot the celebrity is. For the younger crowd, Taylor Lautner is the flavor of the month, with his short, bushy cut. The style can be set in a number of different ways for play or for work. The look ensures a young man will be able to walk anywhere without getting weird looks, but hip enough to get any young ladies attention.

For the little more mature crowd, there are a number of different popular Hollywood styles out there. Bradley Cooper has a nice fun, casual look. Not to overly done with hair products, the just below the neck line style is best left loose and free. The top is short enough to be suitable for any professional working man.

Brad Pitt has a hairstyle that is constantly setting trends. He usually has the same style with just a little different flair. Longer locks on top, with a nice, clean shaven neck line. The hair on top has ranged from a choppy rebellious look, to a nice clean cut style. The sideburns come and go, as well as the blond to dark blond to brown hair color. Whatever style he chooses, he looks hip and smoking hot.

Everybody's favorite spy, Pierce Brosnan, has a beautiful head of hair. The top is kept long and brushed back in a classic 50s look. The dark hair and smattering of gray on the sides is natural and super sexy. The nice, clean, short just above the neck back, keeps this look timeless. This haircut can be left loose to frame the face, perfect for a night out on the town.

Harrison Ford has a very simple, relaxed style that looks natural on any gentleman over the age of 60. It is not a look that looks too young for him, but is very debonair. The easy going style is perfect for play or work, with little to no maintenance.

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