County Clerk Refuses To Challenge Homosexual Marriage License – ‘Under God’s Authority’

Video clip Transcript:

A gay few on Tuesday sought a marriage license from the Rowan County clerk’s place of work in Kentucky. The clerk, Kim Davis, knowledgeable David Ermold and David Moore they would not be finding just one.

Davis: We are not issuing marriage licenses now.

David: Primarily based on what?

Davis: I would request you all to go ahead and…

David: Why are you not issuing marriage licenses now?

Davis: Due to the fact I’m not.

David: Why?

David: Beneath whose authority are you not issuing licenses?

Davis: Beneath God’s authority.

Media: Did the legal professionals tell you…

David: I really don’t feel in your god.

David: Did God tell you to do this?

David: Did God tell you to treat us like this?

David: I really don’t feel in your god.
The few, plainly upset right after remaining denied a license, then voiced their frustrations:

David: Contact the law enforcement! I will have them arrest you.

Media: Do your work!

David: You must be ashamed of your self. All people in this place of work must be ashamed of on their own. Is this what you want to remember? Is this what you want to remember, that you stood up for this? That your little ones have to look at you and comprehend that you are bigots? And you discriminated from people? Is that what you want?

Clerk: [Inaudible] God’s Phrase and what it instructed.

David: God does not belong in the country clerk’s place of work.

Media: This is not a home of God.

Media: God doesn’t run the government.
Davis returned to tell the few she was not seeking to prohibit their marriage, she just wasn’t likely to be the just one to issue them a license. It would violate her religious beliefs and her conscience.

Davis: I basically instructed you all I’m keen to deal with my implications, as you all will deal with your implications when it arrives time for judgement. Plain and simple.

David: We really don’t have implications.

David: Not all people believes what you feel.

Davis: That is your choice.

David: You’re developing a faith in this place of work and…

Davis: No I’m not.

Other few: Certainly you are! You’re building your self a determine head of this new church listed here.

Davis has been given dying threats for not issuing a marriage license to this gay few, but she is not bowing down. In a statement she mentioned:

I hardly ever imagined a day like this would occur, where by I would be asked to violate a central instructing of Scripture and of Jesus Himself about marriage. To issue a marriage license which conflicts with God’s definition of marriage, with my identify affixed to the certification, would violate my conscience. It is not a mild issue for me. … It is a Heaven or Hell determination.

Christian instructing on marriage arrives in Genesis, which Jesus reaffirms in the book of Matthew, indicating:

Have you not browse that He who manufactured them at the commencing manufactured them male and feminine? For this cause a person shall leave his father and mom and be joined to his wife, and the two shall come to be just one flesh? So then, they are no longer two but just one flesh. Consequently, what God has joined jointly, enable not person independent.

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