Criminal Defense – Why Your Lawyer Uses an Investigator

When you’ve been accused of a crime, one of the first things that your criminal defense lawyer will do is to make contact with a private investigator in order to utilize his or her services. The reason that your lawyer invites one to join your team is a simple and straightforward one. Your lawyer wants to provide you with the very best defense and one way to do this is by gathering as many details and facts surrounding your case as possible. What exactly does an investigator do?

He specializes in uncovering hidden information. He or she will be able to gather it from unexpected sources, such as computer files and other paper or digital trails. Encrypted files, passwords which have been changed, deleted documents may all be recovered during a thorough investigation.

A detective will look at all the players involved who are trying to build a case against you. Clues, inconsistencies and weaknesses in the opposition’s case will be brought to the attention of your criminal defense lawyer. Public and private records will be traced and scrutinized involving both individuals and businesses. Investigators are able to solve mysteries and bring buried information to the forefront. They will interview both police officers and potential witnesses. Investigators are quite adept at finding witnesses who will enable your lawyer to successfully build your defense.

In order to perform their duties satisfactorily and in a manner that will allow these discoveries to hold up in court, private detectives are well versed in the law. They obtain the necessarily information in a legally appropriate and timely manner.

In order to do their job, detectives use surveillance techniques which include the use of cameras, video equipment and recording devices. All equipment is used in a lawful manner so that it may be presented in court if it is deemed that it will support your case.

The investigator that your law firm uses may work directly for the firm or may be an outside contractor. He or she may be a former police officer and therefore may have exemplary knowledge of the behind-the-scenes workings of the police department and judicial system. Many states require licensing of detectives but some do not. The level of education varies but they are often college educated. High intelligence, attention to detail and a flair for deductive reasoning are all common traits of a good investigator.

Your criminal defense lawyer has been around the block and knows the value of a skilled investigator. Together they will partner to gather the evidence necessary to provide you with the best defense possible.

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