Cross-Cultural Relationships – Which Countries Are the Most Popular for Mail Order Brides and Why?

The mail order bride is one of the most interesting parts of cross-cultural relationships that you could ever notice. This is a woman who is looking to list herself out in a catalog for marriage to a man. It is an unusual consideration for a relationship but it has become a popular way for men to find women in different relationships. There are many places where women in these cross-cultural relationships can come from.

The Philippines is one of the most popular places for mail order brides to come from. It's estimated by the Commission on Filipinos Overseas that about ten percent of all marriages between people within the country and foreigners are cross cultural marriages. In addition, the distribution of mail order brides from within this country is at least five times higher than most other countries in Asia. Much of this is thanks to the lax sense of protection for women in the country.

Indonesia is also a popular site for mail order brides as it is a country where the protection for women within the area is also lacking. However, it is also because many women want to get out of the country in order to avoid the employment and economic issues within Indonesia. Some women particularly want to get their families sponsored for immigration purposes and will there consult people who want to order brides from this country.

Colombia is the most popular place in South America for mail order brides according to the Department of State. Much of this is due to the need for women to get out of the country due to serious issues involving gender inequality. In fact, honor killings are technically illegal in Colombia, but this has not prompted people to stop engaging in these actions over time.

Eastern European countries are also popular places for mail order brides primarily due to how difficult it is for many women to actually find men to marry. The United States Census Bureau states that there are several million more women than men in Eastern Europe and that women are expected to live at least ten to fifteen years longer than men in these countries on average. This is a number that shows that there is a clear desire for women to want to get out of the area and marry men elsewhere.

Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania are among the most popular places in Eastern Europe for these brides to come from. In fact, these countries have been known for being popular spaces for human trafficking and sex slavery, so prompting many women to want to get out of the area even if it means taking in a bride from North America or elsewhere.

These are all popular places where cross-cultural relationships start from. Some of these brides come from how they can get out of their countries easily but some of these women want to get into this field simply as a means of survival in society.

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