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The gay traveler in Cyprus will adore the beauty and romance that pervades the entire country. Of course there are still some remnants of social conservatism lingering, however, most attributions in Cyprus are evolving and the younger generation is becoming much more liberal than the old country folks. Cyprus gay clubs and gay friendly venues are slowly beginning to come to the surface and pop up around the country, and meeting new people is much easier than it has been in the past. The younger generation are much more open in their attitude to the gay community and it is this change that is moving the country to a much easier acceptance of gay relations.

Perhaps the most famous of gay clubs in Cyprus is the Secrets club that can be found in Larnaca. This club is one that has events all through the year and entrance is free if you get there before 11:00 PM. The Secrets Clubs is not just a club for the gay community to enjoy a happening nightlife, this club is also dedicated to gay rights and engagements in regular activism of gay rights. Ironically, the gay clubs in Cyprus, Secrets is the least secretive! If you are one of those people who likes to be heard and likes to express an opinion then Secrets is the place for you!

Many gay clubs are found in the capital city of Nicosia. The most popular night spot in Nicosia is the Scorpios Club. Here you will find regular theme nights and varieties of music playing on different nights of the week. The local contingent tend to populate this bar and this is always a good sign of a decent bar and reasonable prices.

While you are in Cyprus, you will definitely want to look out the beauty of the scenery that can not be compared anywhere in the world. Cyprus is an island of mountains and offers breathtaking scenery and a food and culture that you will never forget. After you have spent your days taking in the sights of Cyprus, be sure to spend your evenings unwinding in any of the many gay clubs or bars in Cyprus; You will be in for a real treat and the locals will be very welcoming.

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