Designer Drapes

There are plenty of people who like to keep up with the most recent trends. Whether it is the most current cell phone or laptop computer, the latest pair of must-have jeans, the newest purse from the hottest fashion sensation or this season's style of boot that has strutted with attitude down the runways in Milan and Paris, they won 't sleep at night until they have at least seven of everything in their overstuffed closets.

Designer drapes can be added to the list of things that many people clamor for, but unfortunately the styles of drapery do not change so often that trend watchers have to keep redesigning their windows. Designer drapes tend to be made in classic styles, materials and colors, thereby ensuring that even if the trends shift in a short time the drapes will not go out of style.

To find the best in designer drapes, the fashion-conscious will not have to look too far. Check out the major department stores, visit local home goods stores, visit a store that specializes in shades, drapes and blinds, do some research in the big box stores or do an online search under a specific designer's name or check out the specialty shade companies online and see what's available.

While most drapes will not scream a designer's name the way a pair of jeans or a purse will, most consumers will be pleasantly surprised to see how a signature look can be translated to their windows for tall the world to see, even without a label .

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Kathleen Chester

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