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Most people see designer sunglasses as status symbols. Though we all know and often recommended by medical experts that glasses protects your eyes from the sun harmful rays and we should all wear but nonetheless it has become an important fashion accessory in modern times and it adds to your persona and compliments your outfit. The name designer sunglasses is given by the designer label companies such as Gucci, Chanel and Ray Ban etc. to sell their branded items and their quality, style and prices always varies every season.

Every celebrity out there knows the real value of a pair of lenses made by the designers and as they like to wear unique and extraordinary that is exclusively designed for them no matter what the price is. They are the trendsetters as well and many designers hire them to promote their newly designed high fashion and valued goods.

Shades or gasses in fact should be a part of your daily routine life. These are not just for summer’s times or on the beaches but one ought to protect the eyes from direct ultra rays of the sun. Designer ones are no longer just for rich Hollywood stars. They are crucial in protecting your eyes from the permanent damaging effects of Ultra Violet radiation.

Lenses made by the top fashion designers typically are more expensive than the regular unbranded ones that are sold in fashion boutiques or departmental stores. Price can range anywhere from about $50 to couple of hundred dollars or thousand. There are all kind of designer brands such as Gucci, March Jacobs, Oakley, Bvlgari, Oliver, Stella McCartney, D&G, Armani, Chanel, Kate, Lauren etc but buy the one you like most.

Fashion is one thing but find something you like that looks really good on your face. There are all kind of faces types such as round, oval, long, angular or thin slim or people with broad forehead and wide cheekbones. You can have stylish sunglasses or shades, as they are popularly known to create a fuller impact on the onlooker. To choose a sun glass you have to think about the various shapes and sizes, frames and colors. Try different sizes and shades and see which one really goes well with your outlook. Apart from all the popular sunglasses, one can also look for the sporty ones, which are equally trendy.

Most people take a clue from celebrities and fashion models that know that the right pair of fashion glasses can add instant mystique, chic and polish to any look. It is not always the dress but your designer sunglasses [] can make a fashion statement of your taste and style.

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