Eliminate a Panic Attack – What is a Panic Attack?

A panic attack can be described as an instant wave or feeling of fear, anxiety, and discomfort. They usually occur for no apparent reason, and they can be just mental or physical. A lot of people describe the feeling of an attack to be

  • Very difficult to leave the house or state of sovereignty
  • Stomach anxiety and pain
  • Body trembling or shaking
  • Hearing noises that are not there
  • Fear of death, or feeling like you are going to die.
  • Out of body experience

People may have one or two panic attacks or people can have what is known as Panic Disorder. Panic disorder is when someone experiences only a few attacks, and fears the next one coming. For some people, even thinking about the next attack, can unleash one to occur. This disorder often leaves people isolated from friends and family members. The reason why is because it can be very embarrassing. Imagine being in the middle of class, or a funeral, and all the sudden have a panic attack? People will think you are crazy, because not many people have panic attacks very often. It can be a living nightmare.

One thing that a person who suffers from these attacks should avoid is to stop isolating themselves from people, places, and things that trigger them to occur. If someone experiences an attack in their kitchen, bathroom, or bed room, they may try their best to avoid these areas because they fear that another panic attack will be coming shortly. This actually makes it worse, because they begin focusing directly on what causes the attack. This is unhealthy because it makes the person isolate themselves to a great extent.

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