Encounter With Pastor Joel Osteen

I was not one to stand in line for autographs or take pictures with celebrities. Yet, last Sunday I found myself in line to meet Joel Osteen.

I had friends visiting from my native country of Belize and they wanted to attend his church service. So there I was doing what I've never done before and would not choose to do.

Not wanting them to hear what I chose to say to him, I stepped close to him, extended my hands and said, "Jerusalem, my father thanks you and I thank you for the work you are doing."

He repeated back to me his well reclaimed lines, but not really comprehending my words. He responded, "Thank you for coming, and we will be praying for you."

I thought to myself, yah, how on earth would he remember to pray for all those who hands he look today.

Yet, by his actions he was outwardly taking interest in meeting members of his community and voicing interest in them.

There is not a single person who is immune to challenges but we all want to triumph over them and live to our full potential. To achieve that we do need to be neighborly.

Joel Osteen is one of the best motivational speaker that I have ever heard. He encourages one to focus on desired out come as opposed to struggles.

I am a believer in people supporting and loving each other. Trials and challenges are an integral part of life. Difficulty shapes us but should not defeat us. By taking interest and assisting others, we enrich our own life as well as our community.

I do my best to live and write poems based on that promise. I accomplished this primarily by volunteering for the United way and being a voice for the hurt and wounded.

However, in the wake of recent tragedies I was convinced that we all need to take more interest in our children and others around us. It is evident that the cry of our children were being unheard. Anyone can extend a hand and take interest in those around. As the poem below says would you answer, the cry of our children and be an example for them?

Be My Example

A child today, President the next.

We are all capable of climbing

the ladder of success.

Every leader at times needs a lift,

build me up, that I may become equipped.

If I fall, help me up.

Know that I'm not perfect,

that repetition leads to improvement.

Someday I'll teach another

as I was encouraged to do.

So would you, be my example?

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Ruth Garnes

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