Episode #1 Uncut Clips of the Week- Cockaroach Weatherman, Butt Drugs, Gay He-Man and more!

Episode #1 of Uncut Clips of the Weeks Bill Sindelar shows you the best funny gay clips from around the web. Twitter: http://Twitter.com/UnCutClips Facebook:…

DON’T BLAME MEEEE blame the internet for changing meee.

Gay Fashion Critic
The Pointlessly Precious Politics of Twee

“Cobain's self-consciousness converted, in the face of his knucklehead audience, to an equally joyless sense of duty,” he writes, “and at the end of a long day of campaigning for the causes he believed in — gay rights, women's rights — who wouldn't …
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Vintage Backstreet Boys take fans on a nostalgia trip

And, so far anyway, there's not even a gay Backstreet Boy. The Backstreet Boys were also pretty adamant about letting us know they can play actual instruments (or at least hold them in a sexy fashion). The first guitar popped up early on, during the …
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Novel Watching: 16 Movies That Inspired a Book

I had a good friend in college, Durand Williams, who was black and gay and a fellow film major, and the fixed role of "Birth" in film history – and the fact that he shared with its racist director twin initials – caused him an extraordinary amount of …
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