Everything You Need to Know About the Incubation Period of Genital Warts

If you believe you may have been exposed to genital warts, but no symptoms are showing yet, you should know that the human papilloma virus, which causes these warts, has an incubation period of two to four months. Meaning, even if you have contracted the virus in January, there is good chance that no warts or other symptoms would appear until March or up to May of the same year.

Contrary to popular belief, people do not become infected with this virus the first time they become in contact with someone with genital warts. Generally, it could take up to six weeks of contact with the infected person before you would catch the disease. However, most people do not show symptoms of the virus up to nine months and one-thirds of those infected would never become symptomatic at all.

The incubation period of genital warts varies from one person to the next. The difference may be caused by different factors, such as the area infected, such as vagina, penis, anus, thighs, mouth or throat, immune system and overall health of the person infected. Be aware that even if no symptoms of genital warts occur, this does not mean you would not develop the warts. However, this also works the other way around – if you have been exposed to someone with genital warts, it also does not mean you have contracted the virus.

If you have contracted the disease, the symptoms may develop any time after two to four months. Such symptoms include gray colored bumps or swellings in the genital area, itching or discomfort in the genital region, single or groups of cauliflower-like warts anywhere in the body and bleeding during or after sexual intercourse. If you encounter any of these symptoms, go to your doctor for a proper diagnosis confirming whether you have genital warts or not. If your doctor confirms the disease, consult with him or her about the necessary treatment for your case.

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