Facts About Dengue That You Should Know About

One of the most deadly diseases in the world is dengue, which already killed millions in the population all around the world. It is a virus which Aedes mosquitoes spread by biting a person and another until everyone is affected. Dengue is deadly if people are oblivious of what it is capable of, killing people, even children, without mercy. Awareness is the only defense people can have so here are helpful facts about this fast-spreading disease:

* Dengue starts with a fever ranging to 39-40 ° C and lasts for 5 to 7 days. People infected also experiences nausea / vomiting, rashes, body aches and extreme headaches. Sometimes, the fever would go down after three days but would resurface again.

* People with dengue who are not so severe yet can even be treated at home; They just need plenty of fluids, nutritious foods and a lot of bed rest. Oral Rehydration Salt which is used on diarrhea cases should also be taken, with enough intakes of fluids. If the fever persisted, it is advisable to consult a physician or bring the patient to the hospital for further medicine. If the patient is just suspecting dengue from the fever, doctors can use tests (eg Elisa Kits, etc.) to ascertain the cause of the disease. If it is indeed dengue, then the patient should be given the right treatment and medications at once.

* Death can be the outcome for other dengue patients because of the Dengue Shock Syndrome. It does not apply to all of the patients, and it can be avoided with proper treatment and caution. Everyone should be vigilant when it comes to dengue cases, as the only way to save lives is the right treatment and attention.

* Mosquitoes that carry the dengue virus bites only during day time, peak hours are before sunrise and sunset. People can avoid this by using electric vapor mats or mosquito coils. They can also use mosquito nets during bedtime to avoid bites, especially for the children. Weaving sleeved shirts also helps, as well as pants. Prevention is always a solution.

* There are many ways to prevent dengue, and destroying the breeding places of the mosquitoes is one of them. Remove stagnant water from tires, bottles, plastic bags and cans. If there are now for them to breed, then their numbers will less and then, the carriers of the virus will lessen as well. General cleaning from every house or all over the community can save many lives and prevent the virus from spreading. Every disease can be deadly in its own way but it can always be preverted if only people would be aware of their responsibility to the community and to their family.

A virus can be a serious threat to the world but just like dengue, vigilance can be the answer for its extinction. People should know what to do before, during and after dengue breakouts. We should not panic and let fear ruin our mindsets to think clearly and realize what we need to do to survive and surpass a disease. Also, our hospitals need to be prepared for anything. They need to be fully equipped on any disease that might resurface anytime, anywhere. Hospitals should have their own tools to aid patients immediately, as for dengue, they should have enough beds, dextrose, medications, test tools such as Elisa Kits to determine if the patient is suffering from dengue, and many other. A threat will only be a threat if we will not do anything to defeat it, and as for diseases like the dengue virus, being prepared and aware is the solution for the problem.

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