Famous Celebrities Who Use Chiropractors

Doctors of chiropractic are trained health professionals who employ non-surgical treatments for patients with neuromuscular disorders. Manipulation and manual adjustment of the spinal are common techniques designed to improve functionality and reduce pain. People from all walks of life visit chiropractors for relief from pain and improved general health.

Famous Athletes Who Are Chiropractic Patients

Chiropractic professionals focus on the relationship between the spinal and nervous system, believing that chiropractic treatment restores structural integrity of the spinal and reduces pressure on neurological tissue. They treat patients of all income levels and backgrounds including celebrities. In fact, many very different faces spend time on chiropractic tables on a regular basis.

Athletes readily upon chiropractic treatments to reduce pain and improve functioning so they can perform at their peak. Former bodybuilder and actor turned politician Arnold Schwarzenegger is so devoted to this approach that he speaks at an annual chiropractic fitness symposium. He refers to the technique as a preventive measure that is natural and focuses on fitness and health. Dan O'Brien, recipient of the gold medal for the decathlon at the 1996 Olympics, believes that chiropractic treatment is essential for track and field athletes.

Former Miss Fitness USA Sara Harding has been a strong believer in chiropractic care since an early age, thanks to her parents. She attributes this treatment to enabling her active lifestyle and ability to participate in many sports over the years. According to some sources, more than one-third of Division I athletes use chiropractic to get or remain in peak shape. Former athletes such as football champion Jerry Rice continue their treatments after retirement.

Other Celebrities Using Chiropractic Care

Singer, author, and actor Madonna takes a chiropractic professional with her on tour to assist with injury prevention and stress reduction. She reportedly relies upon this health practitioner to assist with post-concert recovery. Socialite Marla Maples Trump is a regular patient and so are her daughter, other family members, and even members of her staff. Actor Mel Gibson has used chiropractic treatment to help repair damage done by physically demanding acting work.

Chiropractors treat all patients with the same level of care, respect, and professionalism, making treatments as pleasant for non-celebrities as they are for the rich and famous. The fact that people in the spotlight readily upon chiropractic treatments to feel and function their best serves as a testimonial of the potential benefits. Chiropractic is not a new technique but it is getting more attention due to its high-profile clientele.

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