Famous People From Arizona

The Arizonians are proud of their feats and achievements. Arizona has the distinction of being the last state to join the Union as a contagious state. Let us read the stories of some individuals who excelled themselves.

Frank Lloyd Wright:

His name reminds us about the fine architectural works seen in the designs of the Prairie Houses’ and the construct of ‘Usonian home’. He has served in architectural firms of Joseph Lyman Silsbee, and Alder & Sullivan. He has to his credit more than 500 architectural works and is held in high esteem by American Institute of Architects.

Carl Trumbull Hayden:

Hayden’s single achievement was that he served as Senator for seven terms and was a Congressman from 1912 to 1969. He was a Democrat and was also the Dean of the United Sates Senate. He held positions as president pro tempore of the senate, chairman of Senate Rules and Administration Committee and Appropriations committees. He was an influential personality in American Politics and is popularly known as “Silent Senator”.

Kerri Strug:

Strug was born on November 19, 1977 and became very popular after her participation in Barcelona Olympics. In that Olympics, she was the youngest and earned a bronze medal in gymnastics. She was one of the members in the team called “Magnificent 7”. She was also a marathon runner and her stunning performance in the vault, winning a gold medal with an injured ankle still remains ever green in the memory.

Henry Cejudo:

An Arizonian born in Phoenix in 1987 became the youngest American to win a gold medal in Olympics. His agility in wrestling was known even when he was very young. He was many times a wrestling champion in the high school.

These are a few Arizonians who brought name and fame to Arizona.

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