Famous People With STDs

STD stands for sexually transmitted disease. In earlier times, it was known as venereal disease. Several people were killed due to this disease before various types of cure were found for it. What causes STD is a simple reason and that is lack of awareness and also not taking proper medication.

There are some dreaded viruses that can be spread through STD like the syphilis. There are several famous people through historic and modern times who have suffered from STDs. The disease does not spare anyone whether it is a celebrity politician or a common man.

Even Adolph Hitler, Beethoven, Van Gogh and Al Capone are known to have suffered from STDs. The common STD to affect all such famous people was syphilis. It deteriorated their health to a large extent. These men have contributed to the world history in a great way and yet their health deteriorated in the most derogatory way. They have made contributions in the field of arts, history, science and philosophy. All the above mentioned people lived through different times in history and yet suffered from the same dreaded syphilis.

There are several more people who are celebrities of different kinds and have suffered from STDs. Some of them are Ivan The terrible, Tsar of Russia, Napoleon, Oscar Wilde, King Henry VII, John Keats, Mozart and Winston Churchill. The list does not stop here. You can also add the names of King Edward IV, Tudor Monarch, Hugo Wolf, and Howard Hughes to this list. Several of these people were afflicted by syphilis, which was a common STD during the times they lived.

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