Father Rights Advocates Err in Hoping to Look for New Laws to Defend Rights

Below our current govt, a in shape father is frequently denied his appropriate to mother or father his small children beneath a divorce or paternity motion. But the govt – in the guise of the relatives courtroom – then denies far more of his essential legal rights when extorting income from him beneath the euphemism of kid aid for the mom&#39s use. No regulation involves this extorted income to be made use of for the kid.

These denials of legal rights are clear transgressions of the Bill of Rights and the additional amendments as clarified in Supreme Courtroom circumstance guidelines. That helps make them a denial of a father&#39s constitutional legal rights. And guidelines that violate constitutional legal rights are invalid. So, they are not to be obeyed.

The courts transgress the essential legal rights of fathers employing alleged &#39greater fantastic&#39 justifications these as &#39the best passions of the kid&#39 and &#39safety of women of all ages&#39. But that&#39s illegal considering the fact that absolutely nothing trumps the constitutional legal rights and protections – the unalienable legal rights – that each individual unique has and for which our govt was fashioned. Person legal rights and protections are the bigger items.

Nonetheless, the relatives courts&#39 unconstitutional habits and rulings are backed by an massive, multibillion dollar industry involved with divorce and domestic violence which thrives on transgressions of a father&#39s legal rights. This industry is funded directly by way of govt guidelines or income agencies, courtroom-purchased payments, or indirectly by way of courtroom-linked fees, prices and obligations.

This industry consists of judges, legal professionals, social workers, one moms, state and federal income agencies, and far more … as well as feminist-centered corporations. Feminist-oriented corporations initiated this industry when they instigated legislative guidelines that very obviously deny constitutional legal rights to males beneath accusations of abuse. They perverted the indicating of abuse outside of an goal regular way too which assures straightforward abuse of males&#39s constitutional protections.

The legislative energy and income of this industry is unparalleled. They propagandize closely from supposedly abusive fathers and males to promote their &#39greater fantastic&#39 processes and agenda. Men are constantly propagandized as abusers or deadbeats to blind the general public to the real truth. But, of system, denying the constitutional protections for these males and fathers makes it possible for this industry in no way to have to demonstrate alleged abuse accusations or to take pleasure in extorting in shape fathers for income they generally can not pay.

By no means, but in no way is the general public created knowledgeable of the clear constitutional denials that fathers and other males endure beneath this &#39greater fantastic&#39 tyranny. Our republic has fallen to an internally grown tyranny – a person centered on command of society beneath feminist, anti-father agendas that breakdown households, harm small children, and deny fathers their constitutional legal rights.

There are just way too a lot of palms in this industry&#39s till and way too a lot of persons who profit by way of the income and agenda that this industry delivers. Quite a few are greedy, a lot of have an agenda and a lot of are just way too cowardly to object to what is obviously completely wrong. They, collectively, represent a tyranny from fathers, relatives, and our freedoms – a tyranny a lot of persons are worried to stand up from.

Fathers legal rights advocates who force for new guidelines that presumably will drive the govt to guard their legal rights are throwing away their time. Working experience demonstrates that they genuinely can not make a sizeable dent. The process including most of the woman inhabitants will not give up its energy – its tyrannical energy to deprive fathers and their small children of liberty.

Even worse, but, is that fathers advocates really justify the way the process of &#39alleged bigger items&#39 is set-up with its tyrannical command around parents and people today. They argue not for their essential legal rights and what flexibility suggests, but for &#39better passions of the kid&#39 or for even &#39safer protections for women of all ages&#39 by their increased participation in carrying out these tyrannical command. At best these fathers&#39 advocates are dupes – welcomed dupes by the feminist controllers. At even worse they are of the very same ilk as the controllers or way too cowardly to converse the real truth and need their legal rights.

Encounter it. If this tyranny can dismiss guidelines that mirror clear and very long standing constitutional legal rights for the safety of people today, it will dismiss any new constitutional protective regulation fathers advocates get on the books – if that were achievable. Extra than likely, the legal rights-compromising legislation that a lot of fathers&#39 advocates force justifies the current divorce and domestic violence process with its tyrannical command of society and its denial essential legal rights.

Modern society, fathers, households and small children do not want a far more palatable tyranny. Fathers are now enslaved to this tyranny. Do not permit that be your legacy to your small children.

Now is the time for real truth – and only real truth. Fact that exposes the feminist propaganda of lies and distortions about males, real truth to expose the deprivations of unique legal rights pertaining to fathers that is rampant beneath the feminist-instigated divorce and domestic violence tyranny.

* Fact about what flexibility and liberty really suggests:

Your flexibility and liberty offers you the appropriate to very own and sustain your residence, your small children, your earnings and the appropriate to constitutional protections that protect against a tyranny from taking any of them absent at its whim. With no really serious – and serious – completely wrong undertaking, you are not to get rid of your unalienable legal rights. That&#39s why they&#39re unalienable!

Fathers and the general public have earned the real truth very first and foremost. Liberty arrives from justice, but with no real truth you can not get justice. If the process ignores the real truth, the process ought to go.

Get the real truth out, need your legal rights, and tear down the tyranny that enslaves you. It&#39ll choose courage but if you do, your small children will have acquired justice from you.

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