Female Genital Warts Overview

Did you know that female genital warts are the most widespread spread sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) among women? They are caused by certain types of human papilloma virus (HPV), typically type 6 or 11 of HPV which are classified as 'low risk'. Other types of HPV are normally associated with cervical cancer. For your information, the symptoms of this infection do not appear instantaneously. It may take months or even years to show the symptoms after being affected.

What causes female genital warts? Generally, it is more common for a woman to be infected through sexual contact. Oral sex too can contribute towards this infection; however scientific results have proven that HPV prefers genital tissues as compared to mouth. In addition, excessive use of birth control pills due to the indolence of using protective measures during sexual intervention will cause this infection too. Also, a woman may inherit this infection since birth. This is known as vertical transmission. Simply put, when a woman gives birth, she may pass the HPV to her baby.

The common body parts of a female that are usually infected with genital warts are vulva, perineum, anus, vagina and cervix. The physical and psychological symptoms that associate with this infection include the sensation of burning, pain, itching, bleeding, embarrassment and constant reminder of the sexually transmitted disease.

As we all know, prevention is better than cure! Thus, to avoid being infected, simply abstain yourself from having sex. In fact, if you are certain that your partners are HPV-free, then by all means go ahead and indulge. However, bear in mind never to engage yourself in random sex as this will only increase the risk of you getting infected. Last but not least, to emphasize on protection, it is always a good effort to wear a condom for your partner as anything is possible!

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