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Some years ago I was suffering from fibromyalgia and general misery, when one day my back cave way and I was confined to the bed for three days. These three days turned out to be a blessing in disguise, as I was forced to take the time to rethink my life. I realized that I had been living off track for many years and SOMETHING HAD TO CHANGE. Lying in bed, dosed up on painkillers, I pondered on the meaning of life, the universe and everything. I remembered that the ultimate purpose of life is to feel joy (of the "my cup runneth over type") and I was not experiencing much of that. "Why not?", I asked myself and came to the conclusion that it was because I was not following my individual life purpose. The logic behind this is: If you follow your bliss, you will experience deep happiness and then fulfill your divine purpose. Joy being the ultimate purpose of life as mystics of most religions point out.

My creative energy surged, as it usually does after a period of enforcedactivity and, tapping into the recesses of my brain, where a lot of self-help knowledge was stored from different sources (can not remember all the wise people who contributed, but here's a general thanks), I developed the following method of finding your life purpose in under one hour. The method involves identifying your mission and vision and forming it into a concise statement to live by. If you then live by this, happiness will be yours. I can testify to this. Halleluiah!

Identify your mission

Your mission is your raison d'etre, the "Why am I here?" A mission statement covers your personal life, your work life, your social life and your spiritual life. It is the "what and who am I" statement.

Take ten minutes to chose three actions from the following list that are what you enjoy doing most. I know, it's hard to pick only three, but it is possible.

achieve, associate, affirm, advise, associate, affirm, assist, associate, believe, brighten, build, call, cause, change, choose, claim, collect, combine, command, communicate, compel, compute, complete, compliment, compose, conceive, confirm, connect, consider, construct, continue, counsel, create, decide, defend, deliver, demonstrate, design, devise, direct, discover, discuss, distribute, draft, dream, drive, educate, elect, embrace, encourage, endow, engage, enhance, enlighten, enlist, enliven, entertain, enthuse, evaluate, excite, expand, explore, express, extend, facilitate, finance, forgive, foster, increase, increase, increase, inspire, integrate, introduce, invent, involve, keep, know, labor, launch, lead, live, love, make, maintain, manifest, master, mature, maximize, measure, mediate, mold, motivate, move, navigate, negotiate, n urture, open, organize, originate, participate, perform, persuade, plan, play, possess, practice, praise, prepare, present, produce, progress, promote, provide, pursue, realize, receive, reclaim, reduce, refine, reform, relate, relax, release, remember, remember, renew, resonate, respect, restore, return, revise, sacrifice, safeguard, satisfy, save, sell, serve, share, speak, stand, summon, support, surrender, sustain, take, teach, touch, trade, transform, translate, travel, understand, unify, use, utilize, validate, value, venture, verbalise, volunteer, work, worship, write

Now take ten minutes to choose three values ​​that are core to your being.

achievement, altruism, charity, cooperation, creativity, dignity, economic security, emotional well-being, equality, excellence, fame, faith, family, freedom, friendship, generosity, happiness, health, honesty, honor, hope, humility, independence, individuality, inner peace, integrity, joy, justice, kindness, knowledge, love, loyalty, nobility, pleasure, positive attitude, power, recognition, relationships, respect, safety, self-worth, service, simplicity, trust, truth, wealth, wholeness, wisdom

Take your three actions (and another ten minutes) and form them into sentences with your core values.

For example, my words are: communicate, inspire, create and joy, wisdom, transformation. The sentences I made are: I communicate wisdom. I inspire transformation. I create transformation. I inspire joy. I communicate about transformation. Or, all in one: I communicate, inspire and create joy, wisdom and transformation. Ultimately, I got to: My purpose is to creatively transform beings and objects and to inspire others to find joy and wisdom.

Play around with the sentences and see what feels right to you. You might need to consult a thesaurus to get the exact word you need for your statement. Ask yourself if this statement can be applied to every area of ​​your life.

The sentence you feel most comfortable with and which resonates to the core of your being is your mission statement.

Identify your vision

Your vision statement is the unique way in which you accomplish your purpose. It states how and in what areas you carry out your mission.

Take ten minutes to choose three causes / fields from the following list that you care most about.

addiction, environment, family issues, education, health care, elderly, children, the poor, the homeless, immigration, energy, agriculture, the justice system, veterans, nutrition, law, politics, government, news, journalism, performing arts, visual arts, literature, crafts, gender issues, music, design, sports, food, computers, printing, publishing, religion, community, reproductive issues, science, women, gardening, media, youth, churches, spirituality, the disabled, public safety, consumer issues, human development, personal growth, infants, childcare, child safety, healthcare, tourism, defense, space exploration, animal rights, animal care, literacy, civil rights, counseling

I had to "cheat" by combining a couple of similar areas to get down to three.

There are many other issues in the world; if you find what you care about most is not listed, just add it to your list.

Take your mission statement (and yet another ten minutes) and combine it with your chosen fields and form it into a sentence.

For example, I chose publishing, arts and crafts, human development / spirituality and got to this statement. I accomplish my mission by communicating my ideas through writing, art and counseling others on their personal growth and spirituality.

Your mission and vision statements have to "ring right" to you. They must inspire and excite you. Play around until you get the word exactly right for you and you alone. It is, after all, YOUR purpose and YOUR statement to "do or die" by.

As the philosopher Søren Kierkegaard wrote: "The thing is to understand myself, to see what God really wants me to do; the thing is to find a truth which is true for me, to find the idea for which I can live or die. "

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